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A perfect evening for couples in Barcelona

A perfect evening for couples in Barcelona

It’s not that difficult to imagine the perfect evening for couples in Barcelona since this fantastic city has a lot to offer. You just need to find the right unique activity for you and your second half. There is a recipe for romanticism in Barcelona. The base for a great time with your couple when you visit (or live in) Barcelona is sustained by four columns: sightseeing, food and relax and music.
With the right sidekick and some ideas presented here you might just about to enjoy the perfect evening as a couple in Barcelona.

Unique activities in Barcelona

Rent a boat

I´m sure at this point, most of the people reading this are already familiar with the city of Barcelona and its main landmarks: La Sagrada Familia, Santa María del Mar, La Pedrera, etc. There are lots of great places to walk around and get lost in the beauty of urban Barcelona. But, what about the sea?

The city of Barcelona is in front of the Mediterranean Sea, and it has been a great influence both in the Catalonian culture and the character of its people. In the Port Area, you can find a wide range of boat tours, sea trips and all kind of sea-related activities. Next to the Christopher Columbus statue, there are boats, yachts, sailboats, catamarans and even pirate ships. A route through the port, the beach, and the industrial sector will help you understand why Barcelona is one of the main ports of the Mediterranean Sea.

Viewpoints, Photo Memories and Romantic Sunsets

The Tibidabo Airplane is probably the most emblematic ride in this antique and charming amusement park. Located in the top of the Tibidabo Mountain, this ride is not only a fun and original activity for couples but a unique way of sightseeing the whole city. The plane was inaugurated in 1928 and since then it has gone around so many times that traveling the same distance would make us go around the world twenty times. The plane impulse is generated by its own propeller, and inside the flight deck it conserves its original elements, such as a 1933 radiotelephone station. Interestingly, the original design of the plane was in yellow, and with the reforms that have been made over the last few years it has become the emblematic red airplane that became one of the main signs of the park.

Romantic Dinner in the Catalan capital

La Balsa Restaurant

Located in the upper side of Barcelona, surrounded by trees and vegetation, we find La Balsa Restaurant. This exclusive and exotic restaurant offers a great selection of traditional and gourmet dishes, combining the most creative cuisine with organic natural ingredients. In La Balsa even the premises are famous, since the restaurant was recognized in 1979 with the prestigious Prize for the Arts and Design Award. Prepare your and your partner´s stomachs for some really tasty seafood like their “navajas”, exclusive calçots (fried Catalonian onions with Romesco sauce) and their exquisite cod confit. A great dinner with that special someone on their quiet and romantic terrace can be the perfect lunch or dinner of our romantic journey.

Bar del Pla

The Bar del Pla is one of those taverns that survive thanks to knowing which are their main strengths: quality tapas, good service and an eclectic atmosphere. Located in the touristic El Born district, in Bar del Pla you find tourists and the neighbors sharing the space and enjoying the gastronomy in harmony. Its intimate ambient and soft lights are your best allies to achieve the perfect romantic dinner, or maybe a romantic “tapeo”. In their menu you can find fresh seafood, spicy potatoes and sweet wine. In Barcelona that´s the recipe for love!


Relaxing in a SPA

If you want to forget the daily troubles, in Barcelona there are places like Aire de Barcelona, a relaxation temple, created for you to leave your troubles behind. In Aire de Barcelona you can breathe the serenity that emanates from this old ancient warehouse and water supply storage. Aire de Barcelona Spa offers a wide variety of thermal baths, aromatherapy and relaxing massages combined with oil treatments to rejuvenate your skin. In the relaxation room, lying on hot marbles, you can taste a selection of teas, juices or maybe a glass of Catalonian Cava (a type of champagne made in Catalonia). The Steam Bath, also known as Hammam, the Thousand Streams Room and the Salt Bath complete this relaxation circuit. But you can´t leave without trying their most original bath: a red wine bath followed by a cranial massage and a glass of Matarromera wine, this last just for drinking. Your couple and you will (literally) dive in deliciousness!

Strolling or even Swing dancing in Gràcia Neighborhood

Swing dancing is trendy right now for a lot of reasons: it is vintage, it is cool and it is an activity you can do with your partner. In Barcelona, you can find Swing festivals, contests or street gatherings to enjoy this music and dance, created in the south of the United States of América at the beginning of the twentieth century. You can find swing dancing every day of the week at the Swing Maniacs, the school next to Plaça de la Virreina, the Temple of Swing, which is located near the Urquinaona Metro Station and the Ballaswing Association, based in Sants Neighborhood. There is nothing like a little exercise to feel loose and relaxed later, when you are back at home with your boyfriend/girlfriend, after spending the perfect romantic day in Barcelona.

What do you think? Is there any other romantic place in the city you would like to recommend? Tell us in the comments!

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