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Catalan Bistros: Best 8 bistros in Barcelona for 2018

Catalan Bistros: Best 8 bistros in Barcelona for 2018

In its original meaning, a Bistro was a small French tavern that offered mainly cheese, coffee and alcoholic beverages. The term then changed to refer to a cheap French restaurant, where the working-class people went to drink wine and eat for a dime. With the growth of tourism as the 20th century progressed, Bistros became popular among those who visited Paris and other French cities. The concept was broadened as some bistros improved their service to attend tourists, while restaurants inspired by this kind of old taverns were also opened. Outside France, it is usual to use the term Bistro to refer to elegant restaurants that take French cuisine precepts and decorations.

Nowadays, the Bistro concept is very varied: it ranges from luxury restaurants specialized in a type of food, gastronomic proposals that combine the exotic with the classic, or simply restaurants that focus on organic farm-to-table food. It could be understood as an exquisite author’s cuisine restaurant, a place that is the opposite of a franchises, a fast-food joint or a chain restaurant where everything is the same. The point of a Bistro is that everything is natural, unique and original. The place where art and food go hand in hand.

So, if you are coming to Barcelona and want to taste the delicious, most original Bistros in the Mediterranean city, here is the list of the Top 8 Bistros in Barcelona for 2018.

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1. Plata Bistro

Plata Bistro

Where is it? Carrer de Sepúlveda, 23 08015, Barcelona

Victor and Mario, owners and brothers, learned to cook with their grandmother in the town of Teruel (Aragón), where they are from. They learned to respect the cooking tempos and to revere in the technique and the most classic aspects of the kitchen, as well as the natural products. The Plata Bistro is a perfectly renovated restaurant, bright and with a small kitchen. There is no menu carved in stone; the products change every day and the recipes are cooked on the spot, with extra-special last-minute improvisations. The result is what you see: simple recipes of three ingredients and traditional stews adapted to the modern palate. Simplicity and classic market cuisine, but immensely creative and versatile.

2. MeatPacking Bistro

MeatPacking Bistro

Where is it? Travessera de Gràcia, 50, 08021 Barcelona

Would you like to visit the “Big Apple” without leaving Barcelona? Well, now you can. Meat Packing Bistro is a New-York-inspired restaurant that offers a great selection of American dishes while also being a meeting point for bohemians, artists and curious people. They serve breakfast, brunch, lunches and dinners, plus cocktails and drinks all night. Good music, a nice atmosphere, great service and delicious food. MeatPacking Bistro takes pride on their hand made ingredients, their daily production, their no-hormones meat with proven traceability and their willingness to celebrate all kind of events.

3. Atempo Restaurant

Atempo Restaurant

Where is it? Carrer de Còrsega, 255, 08036 Barcelona

Atempo is Jordi Cruz´s new cosmopolitan Bistro, located at the Mirror Barcelona hotel. This is a space inspired by the roaring twenties, specially its music and cinema. Atempo is elegant, attractive, with varied gastronomic proposals and opened all week. It´s a place where the exotic international cuisine goes through the Catalan chef´s filter, composing new and bold dishes perfectly combined with a great wine selection. The atmosphere evokes the times of Chicago´s years of the Prohibition, especially with its almost non-stop Jazz music.

4. Sasha Bar 1968

Sasha Bar 1968

Where it is? C/ Margarit, 18, 08004 Barcelona

Sasha´s philosophy is that life is too short to remember days, so we only remember good moments. This great Bistro opened in 2014 in the Poble Sec neighborhood. Its name comes from the owner’s mother, who traveled from their beloved Russia to Barcelona with her entire family. Food selected according to the season of the year, proximity products, fresh-from-the-market ingredients and environment-friendly cooking techniques constitutes the Sasha Bar style.

5. Caelis

Caelis Restaurant

Where is it? Via Laietana, 49 (Hotel Ohla Barcelona)

Romain Fornell is a daring and passionate chef that enjoys reinterpreting traditional and vanguards’ recipes. In Caelis he offers “a cuisine with a French root and a Catalan accent”, classic but at the same time contemporary. Their proposal begins with delicate starters such as the sardine sandwich or dishes such as the organic egg with truffle in its nest and the oyster salad with citronella steam and flower herbs. The dynamism, maximum quality products and general energy are the Caelis symbols.

6. Pork & Tuna

Pork and Tuna

Where is it? Passeig de Garcia Fària, 81, 08019 Barcelona

Although its name may lead to think of a simplified offer, we warn you that nothing is further from reality. The chefs María Linares (L’Escaleta, Pangea) and Christopher Wilson Bastos (Can Jubany , La Chalá), have created and infallible menu in all senses: Spanish sausages, octopus, anchovies, tuna, pork loin are some of the ingredients used in this flavor festival. Their cooking techniques are based on international cuisines such as Mexican, Peruvian or Japanese.

7. Alkimia

Alkimia Restaurant

Where is it? Ronda Sant Antoni, 41, 08011 Barcelona

Alkimia is, for many years now, Jordi Vila´s culinary proposal, and it´s currently located in the old Moritz brewery. Alkimia´s greatest success was earning their Michelin Star, thanks to knowing how to reach the public, the less professional customer, and introduce them in the high cuisine world. Jordi Vila is clearly betting on natural ingredients such as langoustine, caviar, morel, monkfish, pigeon and many other delicious organic products.

8. Sensi Bistro

Sensi Bistro

Where is it? Carrer Regomir 4, 08002 Barcelona

Opened in 2013, Sensi Bistro has quickly gained a reputation for its originality and high quality. Located in the heart of the Gothic quarter of Barcelona, ​Sensi Bistro is Sensi Tapas´ little brother. Located just 5 minutes walk from each other, both restaurants share the same values ​​and their high standards. The original menu from this bistro in Barcelona, created by experienced chefs, is formed by a blend of European, Mediterranean and even a small Asian influence. All these different cooking techniques combine to form traditional, yet unique and inspiring tapas.

Which is your favorite Barcelona Bistro? Leave it in the comments! Thanks!

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